Radical Nephrectomy in India

Radical Nephrectomy in India

Nephrectomy is the surgical process of removing a damaged or non-functioning kidney. Under few circumstances, partial Nephrectomy is done to repair the injured or partially ruptured kidney. Radical Nephrectomy focuses on the treatment of the Renal Cell Carcinoma or the RCC by removing the kidney along with the adrenal and lymph glands. RCC is the common form of kidney cancer especially in the adults.

With partial or radical Nephrectomy, the survival rate increases by at least 5 years in 70 per cent of the cases if the spread of cancer is restricted until the renal parenchyma. In the advanced stages however, the risk increases. Various surveys reveal that in around 50 per cent of the RCC cases, the tumors are incidentally detected without any significant symptoms. This is more because in the lower stages of the cancer, the tumor is small and almost insignificant.

Procedure of Radical Nephrectomy

Nephrectomy involves several processes. Partial Nephrectomy removes portion of one kidney. In simple Nephrectomy, the entire of one non-functioning kidney is replaced. Radical Nephrectomy applies to patients diagnosed with RCC in stage I, II and III (completely damaged kidney tissue). ECG and blood test is done prior to the surgery. Renal angiography is another common assessment.

There is both Laparoscopic and open abdominal approach to radical Nephrectomy. In laparoscopic method, four small incisions help remove the kidney and it takes little longer than open surgery. In open abdominal procedure, the adrenal gland and kidney removal is done with dissection and the healing process is slower.

Radical Nephrectomy benefits

The benefits of this kidney surgery depend on factors such as the type and stage of cancer and the size of the tumors. In stage I of Renal Cell Carcinoma, the survival rate is around 90 per cent as the tumor is inside the kidney and has not affected other tissues. Post surgery, you can lead a normal life with urine production close to normal. You can opt for Laparaoscopic surgery for faster healing and recovery.