Fortis Hospital - Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

A renowned name in the healthcare industry, Fortis Group of Hospitals, India is serving the global populace with utmost care for more than a decade. This healthcare group has reached its height of success within just few years of its inception and is now counted among the best healthcare groups in the world. It has its branches in the major cities of the country which are all well equipped with modern medical facilities. The core feature of Fortis Groups of Hospitals lies in the compassion and warmth along with medical care per excellence. Not only it offers world class treatments, but also makes a platform to do medical researches so that more life giving equipments and therapies can be developed. With highly qualified professionals and trained staff, the group has successfully established various specialty clinics all across the country.


Locations of Fortis Hospitals in India

The Fortis Group operates 56 super-specialty hospitals across India. Scattered in different parts of the country, all the hospitals have set their own standards with international standard services. The locations of the Fortis Hospitals in India are –

CritiNext: An Innovative Step by Fortis

The Fortis Group has brought a revolutionary change in the healthcare regime by introducing Tele-ICU system in India. To help the patients residing in distant parts of the country, Fortis along with GE Health Group launched a project called ‘CritiNext’ under which internet base communication technology would be used to provide round the clock medical assistance to the critically ill patients admitted in the hospitals of remote areas of the country. In this particular system, the GE Health Group will offer technological support while Fortis Group will provide manpower.

Fortis Group of Hospitals, India: Field of Specialties

The chain of hospitals operated by the Fortis Group covers an array of treatments which are offered by the expert medical practitioners. To serve the domestic and international patients in the most effective way, all these specialty clinics have employed most modern medical equipments. The Group has elevated its standard to such a level where it can right be called a one stop solution for all healthcare needs. The areas of specialty that Fortis Hospitals deal in Includes –